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The keys & mechanics of Yang Tai Chi Chuan

 - Each month we cover -
NOW on month 12  with over 19 hours of tuition available.
Up to 3 hours of new instruction • Lesson Plans for beginners, intermediates and advanced • 2 Jibengong + 2 Nei Gong + 2 form motions • Beginner to Advanced level details • Lots of details not often discussed ....

For less than the price of a couple of Tai Chi Classes you gain access to a monthly tuition schedule including all of the work you see above. This information is the perfect compliment to those already training Tai Chi or a related discipline and has proved to be an invaluable guide to those who would like to advance their Tai Chi training with some of the Key details not often discussed. 

The Fundamentals

 Each month, the first thing we will cover are the fundamentals of the style. These are the roots of the tree, the block upon which everything else if built and should not be underestimated.

As anyone who as studied the internal arts will know, the Basics, are rarely that basic and require dedicated time and detailed instruction. In this section you can expect to learn the fundamentals of:

- Alignment
- Intent
- Stepping and motion
- Dan Tien & Kwa
- The 8 Energies & 5 Directions.

Softening & Alignments

 Central the art of Tai Chi is the ability to balance soft and hard in perfect harmony. Unfortunately, due to our modern lifestyles, the majority of people have an over abundance of tension and an inability to release it.

This section will teach you how to let go of the built up tensions in your body and move with a new freedom and relaxation

- Alignment
- Tension recognition
- Tension release
- Traditional softening training

Nei Gong - Inner Work

Tai Chi wouldn't be Tai chi with out the internal work. This is what identifies and differentiates the style and what produces its amazing utility for both health and martial work.

Here we will cover a series of Nei Gong that work on the 8 primary energies of Tai chi but also look at the interesting body mechanics at play and how we can use the Nei Gong to develop our entire system.

-  8 Nei Gong
-  18 Shibashi Chi Gong
- Breath training
- Breath, mind and body integration

24 Step Form + Variations

The old Yang Style long form is a fundamental part of the Yang Tai Chi landscape. But it is a long and repetitive series. The 24 form is a much shorter variant that retains almost all of the fundamental framework found in the original.

In this course we will not be performing the 24 form in a number of different ways dependant on focus, but as a baseline it will be performed in the old yang style and not the modern competition style.

- Basic 24 form motions
- Highly detailed instruction for beginners, intermediates and advanced.
- Integrating intent, dan tien and other key aspects
- Form variations to train agility, health, speed and much more....


Only £19.99 per month

Now up to 18 HOURS of information and tuition.



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