Relax - tricks to relax the body
Relaxation hacks, tricks and techniques for beginners

Run time : 1Hour 38Mins | Level : Beginners | Price : Donate!

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In this instructional video Chris draws on a deep personal connection with this subject of mental, emotional and physical tension and the effect they have had on his life, to bring you a simple but profoundly potent set of techniques and principles to relax.

This video Chris will teach you a series of movements and concepts along with tension and breathing tricks that will force your body to relax.  You will learn hacks to remove hidden tensions from the body and how the breathing cycle can be used to guide the relaxation of your mind.

Some of these methods are specifically useful if you have an inability to get to sleep at night and can prove to be a great help for those with over active minds. Although this video is aimed at beginners, the methods can be useful for everyone, especially competitive martial artists.

Systemic Tension

Learn why we hold tension and how it affects our every day lives.


We have a natural relaxation system with us all day every day - learn how breathing can be used to release tension


Movement helps to unstick the body and relax tight or bound areas of the body - we will cover some of my favourites

Tension for Tension

In an interesting method, you will learn how to actually use deliberate tension to release unwanted tension.

Fast relaxation hacks

Tap into some very fast relaxation tricks with a couple of simply, but powerful, methods for removing physical and mental tension quickly.

Mental relaxation

Using breathing, visualization and attention we can remove minimize mental tensions as well as physical ones.

What are students saying about this course?

"This work has helped me rid myself of a very sore back! Sitting at desks all day took its toll on me. A month of working on these exercises and I feel like a different person. Thanks Chris"

"Just wanted to drop you an email to say that I am super impressed with the results of this work. I have only been doing it 2 weeks, but already I am sleeping better and have created a little morning routine out of some of the movement exercises. It really sets up my day. Thanks for putting this information out there. Its really useful."

"Very interesting methods and explanation. The fast release work is really powerful and breaks up the tension in my shoulders in seconds. Thank you."