8 Nei Gong
8 Specially selected Nei Gong for Beginners

Run time : 1Hour 49Mins | Level : Beginners | Price : $29.00 - NOW $14.50

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Specially selected from Hebei Xing Yi, Yang Tai Chi and Cheng Ba Gua, these 8 Nei Gong methods are a  great start point for anyone new to the subject of Chi Gung or traditional internal training methods.

Nei Gong (sometimes called Nei Gung / Neikung) are the internal training methods found in the Chinese Internal Martial Arts. Unlike the Harder Shaolin Methods, which had a focus on muscular development (Wai Gong), these old styles of martial art had a focus on internal cultivation, Softness, Connection, Mind and Breathing. The movement methods that train these attributes were called 'Nei Gong' or Inner Work.

In this course we have selected 8 of the most powerful methods from these arts, giving students the most 'bang for their buck' for the time invested. Once learnt these seemingly simple methods will become an ongoing exploration in Internal skill, health and wellness. They truly will stay with you for life and the benefits can be amazing!


These 8 are specially selected for their renown effects within their systems.


Utilizing the breathing in combination with motion is at the core.


Up, out, in, down, forward, backwards, coiling, uncoiling etc ... the full range of motion.

Detailed instruction

Each nei gong included a demonstration followed by detailed instructions.


There are many ways to perform this work, Chris outlines some of the most beneficial variations.

Deliberate ordering

These Nei Gong compliment and flow into each other to provide the biggest bang for your buck!

What are students saying about this course?

"This course was a great introduction into Nei Gong. Not only did it provide clear and comprehensive instruction on the physical aspects of Nei Gong but it also covered the desired mental states as well. All in all, a stellar course for those who wish to not only improve their physical condition but also their mental and internal health."

"8 internal exercises, each demonstrated, plus given additional movement instruction and variations. Followed along for entire course. I feel energized."

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