Online Courses in IPT
These are video & literature courses on various subjects relating to training internal power

Foundations Course
An introduction to IPT & specially selected methods

Level : Beginners | Price : £20 | Course time : approx 5hrs

Format : 6 sections, Initial concepts, foundation body movements, Intent training and Nei Gong.

This course is a introduction and foundational overview of the internal power training system. In the course you will learn all about the IPT training process then get instruction on some specially selected methods to train the Kwa, the body, the arms and legs and the intent. Then you will put these skills together in 8 traditional Nei Gong. This course is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about internal power and wanting to foundation exercises to begin them on their journey.

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Connection Course
Building the connected body for internal power

Level : all levels | Price : $75 | Course time : approx 3-3.5hrs

Format : 7 sections, overviews, theory, preparations & techniques

This course covers the techniques and methods we use to create the connected body. It is a comprehensive exploration of the subject with the specially selected exercises targeting the right tissues in the most effective way. Learn what connection is, why we need it and most importantly how to train it in a proven and reliable way.

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Video on Demand
Instructionals, Lectures & Documentaries

Relax - tricks for relaxation

Run time :
1Hour 38 Mins | Level : Beginners | Price : $29.00




8 Nei Gong - for beginners

Run time :
1Hour 49 Mins | Level : Beginners | Price : $29.00