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Urban Taoist
Tradition of Dr. Serge Augier a Taoist arts lineage master. Serge is one of the finest martial artists and people I have had the pleasure of  training with.

His skill and instruction is deep and clear. Well worth checking his work out.

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Dan Harden's Bodywork
The website of Aiki Expert and teacher Dan Harden. Dan is well known, especially in the Aikido community, as one of the few people directly injecting Internal Skills into the arts like Aikido where they have so often been lost. He hosts seminars around the world for high ranking Martial Artists of all styles and has a great reputation for being able to pass on his understanding.

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Warrior Guards Mountain

Warrior Guards the Mountain is the website of Traditional and Esoteric Arts Researcher and expert Alex Kozma.

Alex has authored a number of brilliant books and films on the subject of Internal arts and is a walking encyclopedia on the topic.

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Satria Arts

Satria Fighting Arts is the system of Indonesian Combat and Development taught by Steven Benitez.

Steven is a truly master level Martial Artist with Legitimate Internal Skills and understanding.

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I Liq Chuan

Main website of the system taught by Master Sam Chin. Sam is a truly phenomenal expert in the internal arts and his sheer size belies his swiftness changeability.


There are a large number of instructors in this art around the world and his website is full of useful information.


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The training system designed and developed by Akuzawa Minoru is called Aunkai.

This system developed out of the Chinese internal arts and Japanese Bujutsu and is well known for its power and clear methodology.

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