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Some testimonials from Chris' online and live event students.

Chris makes no mystery of the art


Having trained for about 30 years in several martial arts, mainly Karate, I have in the last 8-10 years thought that there are some missing / forgotten links in the training methods. I Recently attended a seminar on Internal Power Training, held in Gloucester by Chris. His teaching method, ability and understanding of the subject are to simply put “incredible” and an important point to make I feel is; Chris makes no mystery of the art.

I highly recommend him as a leading expert in the field of Martial Arts and Internal Power Training, and will be attending his seminars as frequently as possible”.

Bruce Payne

I highly recommend attending


""I highly recommend attending an Internal Power Training seminar / class with Chris Davis. Especially for all those people who have been training in external (and dare I say "internal") styles for years but always felt like there was something missing. It'll certainly be an eye opener! Chris is very knowledgable and approachable and the content is also designed and presented in a very accessible manner. I look forward to training with Chris and his students again in future.

M Williams


Integrates into any style


"I would highly recommend any serious martial artist to visit Chris. The principles he teaches can be integrated into any style. Chris has clearly spent many hours developing his skill, he is able to demonstrate the method leaving no doubt about its efficacy. Perhaps most importantly he is able to deconstruct and convey the principles and method with great clarity, providing a definitive path to demonstrable skill acquisition. "


Nei Jia Researcher, Practitioner and Acupuncturist.


Filled lots of Gaps

"Chris's IP course has provided me with invaluable information which has led to massive improvements and filled lots of gaps in my IMA training. My structure, movement and power have all improved and this has been noticed in my regular Taiji class."


Long Term Yang Tai Chi practitioner

My Taijiquan practice has benefited significantly

"My Taijiquan practice has benefited significantly with the teachings of Internal Power Training - it is amazing to see and experience the changes in energy flow and body structure. The things I am learning from you guys are being applied in my forms, while handling weapons, as well as my join-hands and applications. I have recommended Internal Power Training to numerous fellow practitioners and I will continue to do so. Thank you!"

Glyndwr Merriman
Yang style Taijiquan practitioner.

I'm convinced - this is the real deal.


"I found this a fascinating and eye-opening workshop. This type of training is not something I'd been exposed to previously and I was somewhat skeptical as to how effective it would prove to be. I'm convinced - this is the real deal. "

Matt H


Loads of great information

"Thanks Chris for an excellent Taking the Centre seminar on Sunday. Your methods and what you teach are just what i have been searching for. I have loads of great information I can take into my own classes. Your own students are a testament to your teaching "


Head coach at Dragon Fitness

Revolutionized my training


"Chris' internal power course has been invaluable and has revolutionized my training and practice of Tai Chi. The information is presented very clearly and the exercises are excellent for helping to gain a further understanding of alignment, connectedness and internal power. I can't recommend it enough!”


Long Term Yang Tai Chi practitioner




go deeper into understanding ...

I feel the value of the internal power course is in the framework that is given, meaning, the teachings are more on the principle side of things.  So if you want to go deeper into understanding the internal arts this course will be a good choice, on the other hand if you´re just looking for a bunch of new techniques, this may be not the right place to go.

I recognized some exercises from my own arts, so it was quite refreshing to  see them presented in a larger context. I keep coming back to the material once in a while, as like everything we practice goes through a process of refinement and better understanding. I found some big chunks to chew on here...questions I have are always answered kindly.


Older Exercises make much more sense


"My internal background is mainly Yi Quan (Yao Chengrong line), very little chen tai chi and a bit aunkai. Besides that, I am finishing my MSc. in Health and Fitness and working at starting up my own business in Health/Fitness Empowerment. I am only mentioning this, because of this background I am always looking for exercises and methodologies that are evidence based and have a useful application for my clients.

The course includes PDFs, videos and Chris is very approachable and helpful via mail and facebook. In the PDFs Chris seems to follow a certain roadmap, where he offers meticulous step by step explanations what makes the internal body (dan tien, ming men, cross body connections, yin yang etc.) and how to build it. Most description of internal workings are often either abstract ramblings with not much value or pseudo-scientific explanations with the same empty value. You find none of this here! The same can be said about his videos. In one of his videos he showed a simple exercise called rowing the boat, where you learn to connect your dan tien/ming men with your arms. After his explanations and playing around with it, older Yi Quan exercises made much more sense.

If you are looking for a very fair priced online course, with an honest knowledgeable teacher and a good method for learning the internal body method look no further!"


Yi Quan student and health and fitness professional

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