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What do Experienced Martial Artists think of this material?

My Taijiquan practice has benefited significantly with the teachings of Internal Power Training - it is amazing to see and experience the changes in energy flow and body structure. The things I am learning from you guys are being applied in my forms, while handling weapons, as well as my join-hands and applications. I have recommended Internal Power Training to numerous fellow practitioners and I will continue to do so. Thank you!

Glyndwr Merriman - Yang style Taijiquan practitioner.

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40 + lessons on a wide array of topics which is growing week on week.

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Live seminars footage on the Martial Application of IP

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Many Hours of Lectures from the Internal Power Course and webinars on a wide range of topics.

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What do experienced Martial Artists think of this Material?

Having trained for about 30 years in several martial arts, mainly Karate, I have in the last 8-10 years thought that there are some missing / forgotten links in the training methods. I Recently attended a seminar on Internal Power Training, held in Gloucester by Chris. His teaching method, ability and understanding of the subject are to simply put it “incredible” and an important point to make I feel is; Chris makes no mystery of the art.

Bruce Payne - Karateka

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